Massage Services

Tantric Massage

Both Tantra and Tantric Massage is an ancient Indian philosophy that dates back to 3000 BC and was closely linked to the worship of the Indian god Shiva and the goddess Shakti. According to Tantric philosophy, the emergence and creation of our world should be seen as a gesture of love. To classify the techniques of well-being, Tantric massages is to relax, improve and develop awareness of ourselves and to feel intense and real pleasure. It is ideal to practice couple tantric massage because it stimulates the body and the mind and helps to transcendence. Tantric massage releases all the muscle tension and stress and improve your spiritually while it stimulates the imagination and makes favourable to meditative mind practices. The goal of tantric massage is to provide an extreme physical pleasure and bring a feeling of ecstasy. Another purpose of the tantric massage is to restore your self confidence and respect for your own body. After a session, you will feel that your soul is full with pace, your body is relaxed, your sensuality and sexuality will increase.

Oriental Massage

The Oriental massage has it’s roots in the ancient noble Tibetan Tantric massage, a rite from the spiritual and physical values where the monks of Tibet celebrated in the most authentic and sublime way in order to release positive energy. The oriental massage service consist of a mix of techniques called Ayurveda combined with the lymphatic touch. The traditional techniques relax the muscles, improve circulation of blood and lymph, stimulate the metabolism, as well as improve the psychic and emotional state, removing fatigue and tension, before focusing on the areas of your libido. Then, the oriental massage slowly towards to the erotic side takes you to another world, thanks to the slow and tender caresses, you experience sensitivity, emotions awaken and a game of sensual teasing. You will feel a mix of feeling, your body will be full relaxed and with pleasure and your mind will feel free, open-minded and ready to enjoy life.

Sensual Massage

Sensual massage works on the muscular and circulatory system and at the same time enacts the Eastern concepts of energy and energy exchange between the source and the receiver of the massage. Through massage you experience a state of deep relaxation and well-being. From the physical point of view you get a better venous return, stimulation of the lymphatic system and improving blood circulation. All this happens through touch. The hands have their own peculiar language, which shows trust, love, joy, solidarity. The Sensual massage is a mean to reconnect with your body, get back in touch with your emotions and feelings and to restore the balance in our relations with others. Sensual massage is one of the most effective healing arts which not only affect the physical, physiological and postural individual opens him to meditation and self-knowledge. No matter what you search or what you need, with sensual massage you’ll get it!

Body to Body Massage

Massage is a popular way to get over feelings of tiredness and exhaustion but when the therapist is a woman and tries something daring by giving a body to body massage, it becomes a very seductive prospect. In fact, Body to Body Massage has become extremely popular because of the imagination and the anticipation of the people. The service is in fact, what it suggests. A young and sexy girl takes off her clothes after asking you to lie naked on a bed and starts with massaging oil on your body with her hands but soon joins you on the bed and makes use of her entire body to rub you in an erotic manner. This is indeed very pleasurable and satisfying to the senses of the client. Body to Body massage is not an ordinary massage service to release tiredness and relax your body, you will be treated and pampered by a young and sexy masseuse. She will make sure you are happy by pleasing your senses to the hilt. Of course you forget all your tiredness in the process as the girl creates the magic with her hands and other body parts over your body.